The smartest way to evaluate your next venture.

AVVA is a complex algorithmic validation engine that converts subjective human opinion into a validated outline of a project’s overall health and brings hidden strengths and weaknesses to the surface.

AVVA helps you know exactly what aspect of your project needs attention and when; giving you better, faster, and more informed decisions.

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Whatever role you play in the tech industry, AVVA will instantly strengthen your validation process


Start-ups & product teams

AVVA forces you to think critically about your idea, helping you pinpoint what's working and what's not, and where you need to focus your efforts. AVVA acts as your sparring partner until you’re ready to pitch to an audience or investor.


Accelerators & incubators

AVVA allows you to compare a number of ideas. Perfect for quickly visualising which applicants are doing well, and which need some love, AVVA can also provide feedback and support during the application phase – both to successful and unsuccessful applicants.



Implementing AVVA in line with your scaled agile framework or CI/CD pipeline means more documented data about which features are prioritised, when, and why. Historic reporting means the reasons for these decisions can always be reviewed and understood.

AVVA helps you make better, more informed decisions for your new ventures.

Data meets opinion

Combining subjective opinion with an objective decision-making framework, AVVA removes the loudest voice in 
the room to deliver valid results.

Even the playing field

Compare multiple ideas or ventures at once in a like-for-like fashion, so you can efficiently prioritise, plan and scope.

Understand the analysis

AVVA offers an in-depth analysis to explain the strengths and weaknesses and how they inform the overall score.

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